Supporting Melissa Brown Blaeuer and Pam Fadden for State Assembly and Christine Clark for State Senate

Hewitt /
| 14 Oct 2021 | 09:45

    I’m writing to support Melissa Brown Blaeuer and Pam Fadden for State Assembly, as well as Christine Clark, who’s running for State Senate in district LD26.

    I support these women because they represent the values that I believe in:

    Bottom-up economics which includes investing in people in our communities with education and resources to reach their full potential to thrive in our society;

    A strong, sustainable, green economy by investing in technology, business, infrastructure, healthcare and education so that we can live in a healthy, clean environment;

    Respecting each other’s freedom, equality, faith and fairness, checks and balances, civil rights, voting rights and the rule of law.

    The current incumbent, Jay Webber, has a horrible record on the environment per the League of Conservation Voters, and he and Christine Barranco do not represent the interests of American democracy, working people and racial or gender equality.

    They also purged the incumbent Republican moderate in this year’s primary to bring us more trickle-down economics and divisive leadership.

    Melissa, Pamela and Christine believe in working with others to create long-term solutions to the difficult problems facing society, make our education system more affordable, varied and integrated, and restoring a respectful, healthy balance to our differing views and perspectives.

    These are all values I think everyone agrees with and so I urge you to vote for them as well, so we can all thrive in a healthy, nurturing, prosperous society.

    Laura Slott