Takes issue with same-sex story

| 19 Jul 2012 | 11:43

    Presenting what should be repulsive as an acceptable norm in our town newspaper? Then, upon inquiry, attempting to justify this as being an appropriate topic in a ‘health’ section? Oh please!

    Same sex relationships are unhealthy (physically, emotionally and spiritually) and not to be condoned.

    Forgive me if this sounds judgmental and/or arrogant. No doubt, to many this commentary will seem narrow and confining, and even bizarre; thus a testimony to the sad reality of how so many are precluded from the freedom, joy and holistic benefits so abundant in ‘right’ relationships among humankind laterally and the One True and Triune God vertically. Please consider my sincere intention here: to encourage and nourish at a deeper level out of genuine care and concern; to share that which has been revolutionary in all aspects of my own life journey.

    Yes, I believe in a holy, loving and just God who has created each of us in His image. He has given us the potential to either submit by His grace and be transformed into His likeness resulting in a life of freedom and power, or be given over in bondage to various forms of distorted lust. Sex is one of many wondrous examples of His gracious provisions but specifically designed and ordained for pleasure, procreation and ultimately His honor and glory. He has clearly outlined the healthy framework of appropriate sexual relationship in the context of a holy covenant relationship between one man and one woman, before Him. This is indeed the quintessential prescription for the best sex on the planet, yes, but oh so much more.

    Tolerating the behavior of those I lovingly disagree with is a responsibility I take seriously and welcome in the context of the treasure of our valuable freedom. Condoning it, however, would be particularly irresponsible where I believe the matter is egregious. Maintaining an inclusive posture, in matters that are mutually exclusive, is dangerous and unkind. Jesus spoke truth in love quite directly. He consistently modeled what it means to be a true peacemaker yet was never inclined to merely keep the peace at any cost. He calls us to the same for His honor and delight as well as our own good. There is no hate here; actually, much to the contrary.

    Kindly be advised it is my strong opinion that publishing this article was a disturbing move. Misguided influence such as this obscures that which is naturally and fundamentally obvious and intuitive, sears the consciences of individuals and ultimately contributes to the moral decline of our families, community and great nation.

    Rev. Dr. Mark Grawehr West Milford