The election is over!

| 14 Dec 2020 | 04:08

    To the Editor:

    On a day that is was revealed that we are headed to a white collar approach to foreign policy and a new secretary of defense, 1,000 Chinese research technicians were forced to leave the U.S. for technology theft!

    This was the second time that Chinese students and technicians were asked to leave the U.S. with some now and before facing charges! Such thefts were tied to the closure of China’s Houston consulate in July!

    Those actions in July and now should have the incoming Biden Administration informed of current actions! It is now known that Sino/American relations have deteriorated!

    There have been serious issues over the demise of freedom in Hong Kong and over trade, but Biden has named a key heads for the Pentagon, and State Department! It is time to bring this administration to the table! The election is over!

    Bill Weightman