The pandemic should not have reached this point

| 09 Aug 2021 | 04:40

    To the Editor:

    While many governors step up to a need for masks at all levels, some just fiddle and make waves that are dangerous and costly.

    You’ll find the governors of New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut, and Massachusetts getting the job of safety in this pandemic done, while states like Texas and Florida just spinning wheels.

    This is most apparent when it comes to masks in school. The first four governors — bipartisan — did wonders, while the two other states seemingly argue against protection. Children need masks until vaccinations reach needed numbers!

    On the other hand, corporations are moving to require workers wear masks. Major retailers and restaurants, as well as other corporations, are pushing for masks for workers and in a sense are seeking punitive measures for not wearing masks.

    It should not have reached this point, but with many of the deaths due to non-usage of masks and a refusal to take shots, something must be done, especially if we are looking for some degree of normalcy and the call for herd immunity.

    The nation seems fractured at the seams. Many city mayors in Florida want a policy of compassion and commonsense. They want masks in schools and more attention on vaccines.

    Let us get it done so third world nations have a chance and we lower our own deaths.

    Bill Weightman