The rule of law, seriously?

| 23 Sep 2019 | 02:10

    Let us look at the rule of law under Trump. He proposed opening libel laws on newspapers for criticizing them, which is unconstitutional. He sought to remove birthright citizenship from undocumented immigrants and so much more.

    You might not remember it, but the Conservative National Review, in 2016 published “ Conservatives Against Trump,” with a number of Conservatives writing against Trump. I read it and still have it.

    Two years later, there are few Conservatives complaining. Some on the left say the system has worked. That is the pennies from heaven view, and others note that Trump has failed 70 percent of the time in the courts, as compared with other Presidents who succeeded 70 percent of the time!

    Yet, both miss the issue, which is that even if Trump is a one-term President he has already appointed judges who will serve for decades, including the most repugnant - Supreme Court Justice Kavanugh.

    There is much work to do to save the rule of law.

    Bill Weightman