The wrong point

Hewitt /
| 13 May 2020 | 05:10

    Unlike Star Ledger columnists Julie Roginsky and Mike DuHaime, I am not a personal friend of either Bill Baroni or Bridget Kelly.

    I myself have impartial feelings towards both of them.

    Unfortunately, in their column "Despite Supreme Court ruling, lots of losers in Bridgegate" on May 8, 2020, both columnists seem to be concerned as to how the legal proceedings against both of Baroni and Kelly adversely effected their lives, but to not mention the fact that the bottleneck they created at the George Washington Bridge as political payback to an uncooperative mayor created a major inconvenience and potentially very dangerous situation, and was in reality illegal.

    As Supreme Court Kagan stated, their actions "jeopardized the safety of the towns' residents."

    I do believe, however, as Bridget Kelly's camp originally stated, that Chris Christie was in on the scheme from the beginning.

    Robert J. Bailey