To understand today, remember what Ike said in 1961

| 17 Feb 2021 | 10:21

    We used to have the best fake democracy money could buy, but in recent years, quality has declined dramatically.

    Republican and Democratic voters alike have been cheated in the recent 2020 election. Here is why:

    Regardless of what candidates you may have cast your ballet for, in most any office, elected officials’ primary function is to serve on behalf of the corporate and moneyed individuals who bankroll their campaigns.

    Their secondary function is pretend their purpose is to serve the regular people in their voting districts.

    Still, it is important to voice our needs to these politicians because some of them may actually prefer to be doing the right thing, rather than their masters’ bidding – and also, occasionally they must produce some positive actions on behalf of citizens to perpetuate the myth of purpose.

    The destruction of democratic input in the United States was well underway decades ago. This was articulated in great clarity by President Dwight D. Eisenhower who, in his 1961 farewell address, laid out the facts as to how our government was falling (or even had fallen) under the control of wealthy industrialists.

    This may have been one of the last great truths uttered by an American president.

    We have been hearing a great deal about the integrity of our voting systems and fair and free elections – but what does that mean – and for who?

    When you consider the facts spelled out by Eisenhower, it becomes clear that the real control of policy in America lies outside of the government offices and is held by a tiny, wealthy minority.

    These are the capitalists, the top fraction of the one percent. They own the tech companies, they own the media, they own the message.

    If this is true, it suggests that our elections are largely a farce, which in turn raises the question, why hold elections at all?

    There are several practical reasons for holding elections, not the least of which is that we live in a complex nation with many management needs.

    Also (just as in Oz), the oligarchs operating in the shadows need put on a show to distract the population and redirect energy of dissent toward targets other than themselves, while also presenting the illusion that people have some say in how their lives are run.

    Would it feel fair if you had no input into how our society operates?

    We have just seen hordes of irate Trump followers chanting that the election had been stolen. If they were angry about that, how should they feel in realizing that not only was this recent election stolen, but most every election in their lifetime?

    The major media coverage of protestors entering the capital was a brilliant play of social manipulation on behalf of the capitalists. For Biden supporters, it reinforces the myth of the triumph of American democracy. At the same time, it provided cover to all of the senators and congressmen who were riding the wave of the stolen election sentiment and claimed they were not going to certify the election to make a stand for President Trump.

    If not for the tragedy of violence, it would have been funny how that played out. The protest march on the capital provided cover for the anti-certifiers to betray their fellow Trump supporters while they folded their positions for the good of the nation.

    But it was inevitable that they certify Biden’s win – not to do so would be to condemn the entire electoral system that brought them to their positions, complete with plushy perks such as excellent socialized health care.


    At the same time, the divisiveness that was so well cultivated through the Trump years has emerged stronger than ever ... but remember the adage divide and conquer. This could come straight from the ancient book of statecraft. In modern terms, you would say that this dividing is not a bug, but a feature.

    When you look at these issues from this standpoint, it becomes clear that Trump has not been the rebel he is purported to be – but a great force for the status quo. He has ended his term with millions upon millions of people parroting myths of American democracy which tightens the chains on us all, as once again we re-certify the military industrialists’ coup over the American people – as we do every four years.

    John Harragin