‘Trump is confused’

Hewitt /
| 22 Jun 2020 | 01:23

    The Trump Administration continues with the usual numerous discrepancies it continues to perpetuate.

    The Trump Administration unsuccessfully attempted to stop the publication of former Trump National Security Advisor John Bolton’s recent book “The Room Where It Happened,” stating that it contained numerous pieces of classified information.

    Meanwhile, the Administration maintains that the book is full of lies.

    If it contains such classified information, how can it be full of lies?

    The Trump Administration also wants all attendees to his Tulsa, Oklahoma rally and to the Republican National Convention later this year to sign waivers stating that they will not sue Trump if they become infected with the virus.

    Meanwhile, Trump maintains that the threat from the virus is overblown and is possibly a plot by the Democrats to prevent him from becoming elected.

    Robert J. Bailey

    Hewitt, New Jersey