Trustee calls on BOE to work together

| 15 Jan 2019 | 10:42

    To the Editor;
    This opinion is written by William Cytowicz, West Milford Board of Education Trustee, 2017-2019, and does not reflect an official position of the West Milford Board of Education.
    The New Jersey School Boards Association is an organization that serves New Jersey’s boards of education by providing training opportunities, advocacy, and direct services.
    The NJSBA is an incredible tool for board members in an increasingly complex education system to gain the knowledge it takes to serve students.
    There are awards that can be obtained by individuals and collective school boards by participating in training above-and-beyond the mandatory training required by law.
    In March 2014, the West Milford Board of Education achieved the highest honor of Carole E. Larsen Master Board certification.
    In order to maintain this certification, the board must be collectively engaged in group trainings with representatives of the NJSBA
    To that effect, the West Milford Board has come short.
    In the years following 2014, the board hasn’t fulfilled the necessary requirements to maintain this status. I see this as an inherent problem because it reflects that the board, as a whole, hasn’t worked together to learn together. This needs to change.
    This year, I publicly challenge our board to develop a plan re-certify and unify our efforts toward becoming the best Board we can in order to, again, receive the prestigious Master Board certification.
    We owe it to our students.
    William Cytowicz
    West Milford Board of Education Trustee, 2017-2019