‘Understand that scientists change their conclusions when the data changes’

| 24 Mar 2021 | 08:41

    Mr. Markarian goes to considerable and fallacious lengths to justify his anti-vaccination position in a recent letter to the editor.

    He lambasts the “so-called experts” for updating public health information during the course of the pandemic only to cite the data and findings of those same experts a paragraph later.

    His ironic use of data collected by the very same experts he so clearly despises aside, Mr. Markarian does not understand that scientists change their conclusions when the data changes.

    Even more befuddling is Mr. Markarian’s contention that Anthony Fauci is not to be trusted because he’s the worst kind of “so-called expert” - the kind that is paid to share their expertise and experience through technical reports and public forums.

    Perhaps I’m being too harsh. Instead of heeding the informed advice of professional scientists, maybe we should pay more attention to the skewed opinions of unpaid non-experts published in the op-ed pages of our local newspaper.


    Todd Crane

    West Milford