Vernon sex education debate

Vernon /
| 20 Sep 2022 | 02:42

    A small crowd attended the September 8, 2022, meeting of the Vernon Township Board of Education, where the “new” health education standards were discussed (see “Vernon School District breaks down new health education standards,” As that article notes, a member of the public proposed the idea that the Board should disregard the State standards, putting our State funding at risk.

    But that’s not the real story here.

    The real story is that Natalie Buccieri, former Board of Education member and current Town Council member, joined in that suggestion. Indeed, when the business administrator, Patricia Radcliffe-Lee, informed the moard that up to $20 million — a full 28.5% of our school district’s budget — might be at risk if we disregard the education guidelines, Ms. Buccieri accused her of being “alarmist.” I don’t know about the rest of Vernon’s residents, but I’m certainly alarmed at the idea of absorbing up to $20 million in my tax bill.

    Ms. Buccieri is happy to vote down every opportunity for a cannabis license, a repeated slap in the face to the 70% of our electorate who approved it, shutting down the potential for valuable tax revenue.

    Ms. Buccieri is happy to encourage the Board of Education to commit malfeasance, risking substantial funding.

    The next time someone complains about high taxes in Vernon, I won’t be happy. But I’ll know who to blame.

    Vernon deserves better.

    Mark Heftler

    Highland Lakes