Viv deserves your vote for council

| 23 May 2012 | 11:09

    I've known Viv Erk for over 20 years.Our children were in the same gradesand Viv and I got to know each other first through our kids and then justbecame friends.Viv has always been a firm believer in the truth and whatis right.Viv has been a dedicated mother and wife and also put herselfthrough college while being both mother and wife.Despite her busyschedule, Viv always found time to stay in touch with her friends and if asituation called for it, to lend a helping hand.

    Viv is running for West Milford council.I believe Viv is very qualifiedfor this position as she not only has lived in West Milford for over 20years, her children were active in West Milford activities.Viv has beenactive in politics for many years.As I previously said, Viv is honest andbelieves in what is right.Viv will do the right things for West Milford.

    Please give Viv your vote! Alice Miller

    West Milford