Vote Dale, Gross and Goodsir

| 13 May 2019 | 04:56

    In this year’s Republican Primary on Tuesday, June 4, I will be supporting three Highlanders who will put our town first.
    Michele Dale for Mayor, Warren Gross, and Kevin Goodsir for Township Council. They are committed to making our community a better place.
    I have known Michele, Warren and Kevin for many years and all of them have no problem rolling up their sleeves and getting things done.
    They are professional, refuse to put up with petty town politics, and are driven by results.
    Please watch our local channel 77 or YouTube to view our council meetings and you will see exactly who you want, and do not want, leading our township.
    Michele Dale is a lifelong resident of West Milford, a mother, and a 19-year vice president of a Top 10 North American bank.
    In five short months, Michele has worked to bring our community together, proposed the town’s first comprehensive economic plan, and was an integral part in finishing and opening the Marshall Hill Road bridge, three weeks ahead of schedule.
    Warren is a business owner, a construction executive and serves on many community councils and boards, including our planning board and building standards committee.
    He is responsible, even-tempered, and knows how to work with others.
    Warren will bring experience and know-how to our council.
    Kevin is a life-long West Milford resident, a community volunteer, a dedicated union carpenter, and one of the most generous people I know.
    Warren and Kevin want to work with our new Mayor, Michele Dale, to improve our community, develop our economy, and support our first responders.
    Please do your part to help move West Milford in the right direction.
    I am voting for Michele Dale for Mayor, Warren Gross and Kevin Goodsir for council on Tuesday, June 4, in the Republican primary.
    Vote for a team you can trust.
    Vote for Michele, Warren and Kevin.
    Vote for a better West Milford.
    Vivienne Erk,
    Acting Chairperson West Milford Republican Organization