‘Vote early when the ballots arrive’

| 24 Aug 2020 | 12:43

    In response to the letter by David Togno Sr.: “If we don’t get this election right, be ready for a failed government led by socialists.” It is important to understand that spouting Trumpian statements as facts is not factual at all.

    Mr. Togno allegedly believes that Mr. Trump and his team are fine people trying to drain a swamp of unethical people in Congress who I assume are Democrats. I guess that the convictions of Trump advisers Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, Michael Cohen, George Papadopoulus and the recent indictment of Steve Bannon are to be ignored. The Trump Administration is more akin to a “crime Family” than to a reform government movement.

    Mr. Togno than asserts all the accomplishments of the Trump administration. He speaks of job creation but fails to mention that the Obama administration, faced with the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression created more jobs in the last three years of their administration than Trump had in the first three years of the his administration. Trump, at least, during his first three years, was able to ride the coattails of the Obama economic recovery but alas, as he had done with his businesses, our economy is in shambles.

    Of course, Mr. Togno blames the pandemic and then incredibly asks what did we as Americans want Trump to do?

    Well, Mr. Togno, we wanted him to do something but he did nothing. Mr. Togno than states that Mr. Trump was mostly right in what he did. The United States has the most infections, most deaths and one of the worst economies in the civilized world since the pandemic began. The United States began to burn when Trump fiddled around with advocating quack treatments and espousing the words of an alleged physician who believes in alien DNA and demons and the treatment espoused by the My Pillow guy.

    His denial of science and qualified expert opinions has made us the laughingstock of our world. And if there are alien worlds I’m sure they are laughing at us as well.

    Our nation is being led by an incompetent fool who coddles dictators, supports congressional candidates like Laura Loomer and Marjorie Taylor Green who directly advocate white supremacy and conspiracy theories such as the Sandy Hook shooting as being a hoax. He doesn’t believe in climate change despite the overwhelming scientific evidence. He also had our military attack peaceful protestors in Lafayette Square so he could have a photo-op opportunity holding a Bible albeit upside down. The reputation of our country as “the shining light on a hill” is in shambles due to the avarice of one man, Donald J Trump.

    However, there is a light still shining and that light will be much brighter with the election of Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris who are good decent people with intelligence, compassion and integrity, qualities that Trump sorely lacks. President Biden will rely on experts and scientists to defeat this virus. They will get us back to a strong economy because they will put in the hard work necessary to right our ship of state. Their answer to the virus and the 175,000 deaths will not be “it is what it is” but let’s work together to heal our nation and our pain.

    There are many important tasks ahead of our country none more important than removing Trump on November 3rd. We can have an administration of caring and competency that will bring America back to its standing as the leader of the world dedicated to fair treatment for all with a vision to enrich us as a nation not as Trump does which is to enrich himself and his family.

    Vote early when the ballots arrive. Do not listen to the fake Trump narrative of mail voting; he does that because he fears the goodness of the American people who see him for what he is: a selfish, uncaring man interested only in his bottom line at the expense of the American people who will rightly vote him out of office.

    Very truly yours,

    John R. Miller

    West Milford