Vote for diversity on the board

| 11 Apr 2012 | 04:58

    When you vote for school board this April 17 remember that without diverse opinions on the board of education there will be no one who asks questions. Would you want a school board that was all women or all men or all high school grads? A mix of people with a variety of opinions is healthy on a board of nine people. That is how issues really get discussed so the board can make educated decisions.

    I will be voting for John Aiello because he is willing to ask questions even when they are unpopular. He is for checking the books for waste, honest budgets, full day kindergarten, pre algebra in 7th grade, healthy lunches, SROs and keeping custodians and food service workers local. He supports teachers having a greater voice in West Milford education.

    Do we really need rubber stamps? I don't think so.

    These are my views and not those of the current board of education. Hopefully they are the views of the majority of West Milford voters.

    On April 17 join me and vote for John Aiello and Adrienne Shanler.

    Gary Steele West Milford