‘Vote local to save our democracy’

Hewitt /
| 28 Oct 2021 | 01:13

    If those words sound overwrought, you haven’t been paying attention. In the last few weeks, we learned about a concerted effort by Trump loyalists to oust local election officials, a campaign by a right wing organization to harass and threaten school board members until they resign, and, of course, throughout the summer, several state legislatures enacting bills to restrict voting rights.

    Many people think that, here in blue-state NJ, we are far removed from the danger, but our district LD26 has been co-opted by these extremists. Not only did our two far-right Republican candidates run a smear campaign against a popular and moderate Republican assemblywoman, but our current state senator (NJ chair for the Trump campaign), when recently asked about the Big Lie, responded that they (Republicans) didn’t have evidence that the election was stolen yet.

    The only way to stop this wave of power-mad authoritarians and to tell the Republican Party that treason won’t be tolerated is to vote against them at all levels. If you read the recent NY Times opinion by Miles Taylor and Christine Todd Whitman and or saw the videos from The Lincoln Project – all Republicans – you’ll know that I am not alone in this sentiment.

    Fortunately, the Democratic ticket for LD26 has an excellent slate of intelligent, ethical, and responsible women. Christine Clarke, running for NJ Senate, is an environmental activist and advocate for sustainable energy, and a recognized leader in this field, who plans to use clean energy to address climate change and create jobs. Melissa Brown Blaeuer and Pamela Fadden are both thoughtful, pro-science Assembly candidates who believe in investing in education, strengthening unions, and rebuilding our infrastructure.

    Best of all, these women listen to their constituents, educate themselves on issues, and prioritize good governance over winning at all costs.

    If you truly love our country, our democracy, and our constitution, and want to send the message that treason won’t be tolerated, the best way to prove it is to vote Democrat for State Legislature– Clarke, Brown Blaeuer and Fadden.

    Karen Phelan