Wagner supports Signorino, McGuinness and Castronova

| 21 May 2019 | 03:01

    Having served three years as a Township Councilman, council president, and acting mayor in our incredible community, I know firsthand the amount of difficult and time consuming work that must be done to make our township operate.
    Lou Signorino, Pete McGuinness, and Steve Castronova are up to the challenge.
    These three Republican candidates put their words into action, operating local small businesses, volunteering countless hours in numerous community organizations, and keeping their families active in West Milford.
    They have delivered results instead of spewing empty rhetoric.
    I support these Republicans because they have fought for and supported zero tax increases in our township.
    West Milford becomes less and less affordable for all of us every single year.
    These candidates have done their part to combat this crisis, with Lou and Pete voting with me and the council majority in 2017 and 2018 to freeze municipal taxes while Steve was outspokenly advocating this out in the community.
    Lou’s opponent publicly stated in her debate last fall, that she believed raising taxes was necessary for the long term.
    This is an utterly ridiculous thing to shove down the throats of taxpayers who are living paycheck to paycheck, seniors sacrificing to stay here on fixed incomes, and young families struggling to afford the essentials.
    Please join me in supporting the team that has proven to hold the line on local taxes.
    Vote Signorino for Mayor and McGuinness and Castronova for Council on June 4.
    Tim Wagner,
    West Milford