"We cannot tax people out of their homes"

| 24 May 2012 | 01:40

    As West Milford is currently engaged in budget negotiations, I would stress the urgency of keeping the West Milford budget at a zero percent increase.

    Even if the budget is within the 2 percent cap set by the state, it will mean an increase of over $500,000 on face value. That is an unacceptable increase.

    And that does not take into consideration all the cap exemptions, such as municipal debt service, health costs, costs of extraordinary hazards and so on. There are many exemptions to that cap. The 2 percent state cap also does not take into effect our recent township re-evaluation.

    We have many senior citizens, other people on fixed income, the unemployed, underemployed and others who simply cannot absorb another tax increase.

    They do not have it. West Milford cannot afford to have any more abandoned houses or foreclosures. We cannot tax people out of their homes. The people do not have it, the people cannot pay it and the town cannot tax it.

    I spoke at a recent town Budget Meeting and said just that.

    I am a candidate for Town Council in the June 5 primary and will continue to speak up for the residents of West Milford, if elected. Please feel free to contact me at Erknhensley4council@yahoo.com with your concerns and suggestions.

    Vote Row "C" for Erk and Hensley and our Regular Republican County Committee candidates on June 5.

    Vivienne Erk Town Council Candidate