‘We need to be patient’

| 01 Nov 2020 | 03:31

    Covid 19 has affected this election in unexpected ways.

    Many more people will be voting by mail or by absentee ballot. New York State does not even count absentee ballots unless an election is close, and, if so, the ballots are not counted until a week after the election.

    In other states, different voting rules apply, but it’s very likely that elections for many offices will not be decided for a week or even more.

    We need to be patient until all eligible ballots are counted so that all citizens are able to exercise their voting rights.

    It’s understandable that everyone wants to know the results as soon as possible, but ensuring an election that’s fair is more important than a speedy result.

    As far as the presidential election is concerned, results can be tabulated and verified for weeks as the deadline for the Electoral College to vote is not until Dec. 14.

    Congress does not certify the results of that vote until Dec. 23.

    So try to relax and let the election process unfold. It looks as if turnout this year will be very high and that is a good thing.


    Alice Glinsman McMechen