West Milford must reject Tennessee Gas Compressor Station

| 04 Mar 2021 | 10:30

    The following is a press release from Jeff Tittel, the director of the New Jersey Sierra Club:

    The West Milford Council will be voting on an ordinance that opposes Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company’s proposed compressor station. Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company’s proposal also includes modification and expansion of the Wantage Compressor Station in Sussex County, New Jersey, including installation of one Solar Titan 130 turbine with an ISO rating of 20,500 hp and auxiliary facilities.

    “West Milford Council needs to stand up for our environment and our safety by rejecting the Tennessee Gas expansion proposal. This facility affects this town more than anywhere is. This is a dangerous and polluting project that will only cause more climate and health impacts. This compressor station is in the middle of the Highlands Preserve right next to a C1 stream and above the Wanaque and Monksville reservoir. A leak or accident will be detrimental to the critical drinking water for over 3 million people.

    “Tennessee Gas already has a proven track record of causing destruction. We ask you to prevent another catastrophe from happening by stopping this unnecessary and unneeded fossil fuel project.”

    Other towns such as Wantage, Ringwood, Somerset, Hamburg have passed resolutions that oppose TGP’s East 300 Upgrade.

    “Several towns like Wantage, Ringwood, Hamburg have already stepped up to this fossil fuel disaster. It’s critical that West Milford follows. The compressor station will have damaging impacts to the air, water, and land in the Highland Preservation Area. This company has a proven track record of causing destruction. They caused serious problems at Lake Lookover and Bearfort Waters. We cannot give them any approvals for another compressor station. That would simply be a recipe for disaster.

    “The NJ Sierra Club and many other residents and environmental groups have been fighting this disastrous project for years. We cannot continue to let fossil fuel companies destroy our land, our clean air, and clean water. That is why we need to fight this compressor station every step of the way.”