Why Biden will be the greatest president ever!

| 04 Jan 2021 | 07:05

    Biden will be the greatest president in history! He is so smart and talented, he has accomplished the seemingly impossible.

    I like numbers because they are devoid of emotion and only represent factual data. Biden was able to win 80 million votes while winning only 477 counties nationwide, all this from the comfort of his bunker.

    This makes Obama look like a dummy; he only got 69 million votes and had to do it with 873 counties, and he had to work for that. With abilities like that how can he fail at anything he puts his mind to?

    I wonder if he will be interrogated by the CIA, like Jesse the Body was when he won as Independent Governor of Minnesota. I suggest everyone watch Jesse spill the beans about how he was sat down in the basement of Capitol with 23 CIA agents in a half-moon formation in front of him. As of this writing you can still surprisingly find it on YouTube, buried several pages in of course. The questioning was all about how he got elected, quite fascinating to listen to. My gut tells me after that information was collected, Jesse could have not have won a second term.

    The come-from-behind victory Biden received proves he has the right stuff to run the country. Expect to have more of our boys and girls go overseas to get their arms and legs blown off, a small price to pay to get the orange monster out of office.

    Alex Wronka