Why I’m voting for Melissa Brown Blaeuer and Karen Phalen

| 08 Oct 2022 | 03:51

    I’m voting for Melissa Brown Blaeuer and Karen Phalen for town council because of their commitment to West Milford and because their ideas for improving our community are in line with values we can all stand behind. They want to streamline government by lowering taxes with regional services and fixed-cost renewable energy, as well as simplify permits and certifications. They plan to represent the people from all parts of town with online council and town hall meetings, promoting unity and working with others to solve problems. They want to create a healthy, green environment by promoting tourism and helping entrepreneurs with online stores, as well as work with various groups to form a network of trails to connect the town center.

    They also plan to implement the West Milford Sustainable Economic Development plan, which includes building a recreational park on Belcher’s Creek to connect Pinecliff Lake to Greenwood Lake. Protecting our resources is an important part of their platform: helping lake businesses and communities enforce drainage rules to stop harmful algae blooms and preventing logging on public recreation and conservation lands while also stopping the expansion of fossil fuel plants. You can read their full platform at westmilforddemocrats.org. If you want people who will serve your best interests on our town council, I urge you to vote for Melissa and Karen this November. Please make sure you vote – visit vote.nj.gov to make sure you’re registered to vote either in person or by mail-in ballot.

    Laura Slott