Wood-burning alternative

Monroe /
| 28 Mar 2022 | 05:09

    To the editor:

    Something important seemed to be missing from last week’s article, “Wood-burning heat is cheap, but it kills: Architect and others weigh alternatives”: the alternatives. Outside of an ethanol fireplace and a gas-powered backup generator, the only other alternative presented was to better insulate your house...surely a good thing, but better insulation won’t heat a home.

    Energy prices are soaring in New York, and it’s no wonder why. Natural gas from fracking? Banned. Nuclear energy? Closed. Coal? Terrible for the environment. Solar? New York isn’t known for its abundant sunshine! Wind? Ineffective when the wind isn’t blowing, which often occurs during extreme heat waves when energy use is highest. Ultimately, as New Yorkers lose access to more and more sources of energy, viable alternatives need to be offered.

    Fortunately, there is a solution. Scientists have come into better agreement that nuclear energy is the way to go. Technology has progressed dramatically since the construction of Indian Point, and modern nuclear power plants are smaller, safer, and more reliable than ever. Unlike fossil fuels, the impact on climate change is minimal, and unlike many renewables, nuclear provides clean energy 24/7, whether or not the sun is shining or wind is blowing. I urge New York politicians to back future nuclear projects so New Yorkers can again gain access to additional sources of affordable, clean, and reliable energy.

    Adam Kalkstein