Looks at the track record

| 28 Sep 2011 | 03:01

    To the editor: As an independent voter, I judge candidates on their positions on issues, and if I believe they will act independently and try to do what is best for the people of West Milford. I also want council representatives that will listen with respect to people that come before them, even if they don’t agree with what is said. Most important, I would like to see our representatives find common ground and build consensus among differing groups, while coming up with positive ideas to solve our problems. What makes it easy for me to decide among the candidates is that three have track records, since they were, or are now, on the council, and I am supporting Carmen Scangarello and Phil Weisbecker for the following reasons: They have listened to and treated the people of West Milford with respect on all issues. They are not afraid to vote independently on an issue. They are positive people who try to come up with new solutions to old problems, such as Carmen Scangarello’s work in obtaining Jungle Habitat and Phil Weisbecker’s work on getting more road dollars for West Milford from the county. On the other hand, Mr. Gargano’s track record during his tenure on the council leaves much to be desired. He was part of a very divisive and negative minority that sold off a very valuable asset of the taxpayers of West Milford: over 400 acres. Then he negotiated poorly with the state and sold our property for pennies on the dollar. Add to that his refusal to look at other uses or options for the property. To top it off, he refused to value in any way a petition signed by over 3,700 voters—the very people he was elected to represent. But the most disappointing thing about Mr. Gargano’s tenure on the council is that he did not treat people that can before him with respect. Instead of dealing with issues, Mr. Gargano attacked people’s personal lives and careers, walked out of meetings without listening to voters, and basically was the focal point of a three-ring circus during council meetings. The new form of government, which he attacks weekly at council meetings, is there mainly because the citizens of West Milford had enough of him, his negativity, and his refusal to listen to the people of West Milford—the people he was elected to represent. I am voting for Scangarello and Weisbecker because they treat the people of West Milford with respect. Pat Restaino Newfoundland