More support for Carmen

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:59

    To the editor: We are voting for Carmen Scangarello for re-election to town council because we believe that families have benefited greatly by the active part Mr. Scangarello has played and what West Milford has accomplished since his time on council. His role in township events, with use of the Jungle Habit land, his fundraising endeavors for our neighbors and causes, and his commitment to actions rather than words have impacted positively on our township. In addition, we believe that the Open Space/ Recreation Referendum must be voted on with resounding support by all stakeholders, as open space and recreation is West Milford. If our township is unable to work towards substantive improvements to such an important part of what we are, our investment in such a place will be lost. It is for these reasons that our family offers their support to Carmen Scangarello and the growth of West Milford. We encourage other families to become informed regarding the great benefits that Mr. Scangarello is working to accomplish for West Milford, so that they too may offer their support to a better township. David and Michelle Fenwick West Milford