Offended by statements written regarding West Milford PTAs

| 28 Sep 2011 | 03:01

    To the editor: This letter is in response to John Aiello’s letter to the editor, “Spending open space money on recreation”, October 14th edition of The West Milford Messenger. While I agree with his opinion that the money set aside for open space be partly available for recreation, I take offense to his remark that implies “PTA parents to be self serving”. I have been an active member and volunteer of PTA for over 15 years and I can assure you, Mr. Aiello, the PTA parents I have been involved with are anything BUT, self serving. PTA is an organization whose members care about all children and youth. PTA is a democracy at work- every child with one voice. When PTA gets involved, all children benefit. Obviously, you never joined the PTA and probably have never attended a PTA Meeting. Having had one child attend and graduate from the West Milford school district, and two children presently in this school system- I wasn’t aware that West Milford had poor teachers. Nor, have I ever been given a choice as to what teacher I wanted my child to have. My experience has always been parents and teachers working together collectively, for the benefit of our children. And while you quote Herbert Hoover in saying, “children are our most valuable natural resource and how unfortunate it is that his words are echoed today by the self serving “, it is apparent and unfortunate (for you) that you know nothing about what our parent organizations in West Milford do for the benefit of all children in this town. Why don’t you ask Joe Smolinski how all the schools in West Milford were able to have defribrillators installed in each of the six elementary schools, the middle school, and an additional AED in the high school? Ask him which self serving PTA parent group funded this project. Also, while you’re at it, take a look at the 9/11 Memorial outside of town hall the inscription on how the self serving PTA parents were able to involve all of the West Milford children in the “Penny Project”. While you might think it is “refreshing to see parents committed with their own personal actions”, I happen to think that it is refreshing to see PTA parents committed to the involvement in their children ...the future of West Milford. Marilyn A. Schultz West Milford