Supports Scangarello

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:58

    To the editor: I am voting for Carmen Scangarello. He is an honest, hard working, and always wants to do what is best for West Milford. My husband and I have followed closely the workings of our town council for a very long time. In fact my daughter was 11 years old when she spoke in front of the council asking for more fields for WM Girls Softball Association. (she is now 23.) A former councilwoman told her that the town would determine if we really needed more fields. Well, $25,000 later, after a recreational study was done, it was determined we do need more fields, unfortunately none have appeared, except at the personal expense of the individual sport groups in town. But that is a different subject. The purpose of bringing that up is that, in the past, many things were asked of different councils, and unfortunately many things were not accomplished. Since Carmen has been on the council, we have been permitted to use the Jungle Habitat property for several town events, two circus events, and a great July 4th celebration and fireworks display. I understand that there are more things to come in the future. What a great accomplishment. That land has been sitting dormant for to many years. I have heard comments that Carmen doesn’t speak very often at council meetings. Let me say that Carmen’s actions and accomplishments speak louder than words. He is not a grandstander, he does not speak to “hear himself speak” as many who go before the council do. He is a worker and has proven himself an asset to our town council. I have never heard Carmen attack or speak badly of anyone, even those that lash out or take credit for what others had accomplished. He is a gentleman, and a hard worker and should be re-elected as town councilman. Vote for Carmen, it’s the right thing to do to help continue the progress this council has made. Bunny Smolinski West Milford