Supports the Democrats

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:59

    To the editor I have been a resident of West Milford for twelve years and I am dismayed by what I have seen happening to our town council. It seems that our Republican majority has been enjoying status quo for too long. They resist any change and ignore anyone that questions their unethical behavior. Councilman Carmelo Scangarello is a member of this majority that is running for re-election on November 8. Among the many bad decisions he and his fellow councilmen have made are: hiring a political crony as township attorney although he had no municipal law experience and ended up resigning in disgrace; voting against a pay to play resolution that would stop these government “for sale” hirings; voted against letting the people he serves have additional speaking time at town council meetings; and voting for a budget that raised our taxes when they could have trimmed some fat off the payroll, but of course that would have meant possibly getting rid of more political friends. Mr. Scangarello’s campaign slogan is “action not words.” If those were my actions I wouldn’t want to talk about them either. On November 8, I urge the voters of West Milford to vote for change. Paul Marino and Andy Gargano are prepared to move West Milford forward. They support a water use surcharge on towns that drink the water we have to protect and they are willing to go to Trenton to fight for it. They support a pay to play resolution that says West Milford doesn’t tolerate business as usual. Andy and Paul also support open space, keeping West Milford green, which is the reason most of us moved here. For open and honest government, vote for Paul Marino and Andy Gargano on Nov. 8 Patrick J. Whitney Hewitt