“The county will run West Milford”

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:59

    To the editor: The two West Milford Democrat council candidates have made Pay-To-Play a major part of their campaign. Months ago my letter to the editor was printed stating that their version of Pay-to-Play was too weak and should include the county. Recently there have been articles in the Record which strongly support my position. 1) Record Oct 4 2005 - Headline: Passaic’s fallen democrats “In the eight years that Democrats have controlled the county’s government, they have handed out a whopping $44 million in contracts to campaign contributors. “In the case of Passaic County’s nursing home project, Freeholder Cuccinello helped lead the search for an architect and says she mentioned to County Democratic Chairman John Currie that she was leaning toward a New York based firm. He nixed that idea in favor of the Totowa contributor, Ms Cuccinello says.” Freeholder Cuccinello said something to Mr. Currie but why did she consult with him to begin with and why did she vote yes to Mr. Currie’s choice as part of a unanimous decision along with the rest of the Democrat Freeholders? The Record same article: “The fact is it stinks that political party chairmen -who have nothing to do with government contracts - are even consulted about these matters”. 2) Record Sept 27 - Headline: COUNTY’S DONORS WON BIG CONTRACTS This article details some of the Pay-To-Play contracts handed out including a $2.4 million no-bid contract to a firm that donated $20,000.00 to the County Democrats. It appears that the County Democrats paid for a good portion of the West Milford Democrats 2004 campaign and will probably do the same again this year. Just check their financial disclosure where does it show money spent on a campaign headquarters, joint TV ads, joint print ads, automated telephone calls, and the like. Based on all of the articles from the Record, that makes the West Milford Democrats as bad as the County Democrats in Pay-To-Play abuses. Why, because they willingly accept the Pay-To-Play money from the county and the Pay-To-Play ordinance that the West Milford Democrat council candidates have submitted would continue to allow them to accept this very questionable money. So if they are elected we will end up having the un-elected County Democratic Chairman, John Currie, with the same power over West Milford as he has over the county. That would completely silence West Milford’s independent voice. This ordinance recommended by the West Milford Democrat Council members and their Democrat candidates for council is an insult and disservice to West Milford residents by exempting the County. If you prefer the county and Pay-To-Play to run West Milford then vote for these candidates. Michael Tfank West Milford