Vote for the hardworking and experienced

| 28 Sep 2011 | 03:01

    To the editor: There has been a lot of accusations and counter accusations in this year’s municipal campaign. Some of the accusations are absolutely true while others are completely false and without merit. However, there are some things that have happened in this town that have brought this town together. Carmelo Scangarello is the hardest working councilman that I have ever had the good fortune to meet. I am proud to call him my friend. Last year and again this year Carm and a lot of other volunteers cleared a way to bring a circus into town. This benefitted the town and the Cub Scouts, not only financially, but in personal ways also. The young scouts were taught that they could depend on people like Carmelo and the others to get things done. Important things. The lesson that they learned, as well as a lesson that I learned, is just this: Carmelo doesn’t flatter with talk. He gets things done. This year he was responsible for having Fourth of July fireworks return to the town. What a great time was had by one and all with the Thunder In The Mountains. There are those naysayers of doom and gloom who are telling people not to vote for Carmello. I can’t imagine why. Phil Weisbecker brings experience to the council. This past summer I talked with some people who got to know Phil through the West Milford Lakes project that he founded. This organization was put together to help our township lake communities with their problems such as dam repair and upkeep. Phil, like Carmelo, is community minded and is moved to action, not just words. I am asking the citizens of West Milford, Undeclareds, Republicans, and Democrats to elect two men of action to the council. Re-elect Carmelo Scangarello and elect Phil Weisbecker to our council on November 8th. Art McQuaid President, West Milford Republican Organization