What happened to the recreational community?

| 28 Sep 2011 | 03:01

    Dear Editor, For quite awhile now I have known of a discrepancy in an ordinance that was passed in West Milford a few years ago. This ordinance had to deal with open space and recreation. Being an individual that feels that our most important asset in life is our children, I voted for this ordinance. Unfortunately I found out about a year ago that what I thought I voted for did not have all the inclusions I thought it did. You see somewhere along the path of inception to ballot the part about recreation was inadvertently left out, or purposely taken out. Either way I voted in an ordinance that was incomplete, as so many people in West Milford did. When I first moved into West Milford the sign stated, “Welcome to West Milford, A Recreational Community.” Many years ago the sign was changed to “A Clean Community.” That-s great, but as my 9-year-old son asked me when it was changed, “ Dad, we’re not a recreational community any more?” I urge all the people of West Milford to go to the poles on November 8th and vote yes for the Recreational Referendum. Lets get back to being a recreational community and build the recreational facilities that our master plan says we need, as stated by a plan drawn up back in 1996. We also should be supporting the people most active in bringing us back to that idea. I support Carman Scangarello for council. He not only says what is on his mind, he acts in good faith and follows up on what he is committed to. This is something that is a rarity in politics these days. Just look at his accomplishments in just two short years, the Jungle Habitat project and the events that he has spearheaded. I could go on and on about what he has accomplished and what he is working to accomplish but it would take hours. If you want to keep West Milford going in the right direction you need people who are proactive and find ways to accomplish their objectives for the residents of West Milford, all the residents young and old, and not politicians who tell you why they can’t do something to make West Milford better. Remember: solutions not excuses !!! Frank Yevchak West Milford