'Never will it be more important to register and vote'

| 27 Apr 2020 | 04:37

    If I believed that “everything happens for a reason,” I would be sure that the universe planned this pandemic to reveal the character of Donald Trump to those Americans who may not have been paying close attention.

    By holding daily briefings during this period, when more people are watching and worrying, the president leaves no doubt about the kind of person he is.

    He is a liar. He lies about the scope and probable duration of the virus, as well as the timing of the government’s response.

    Or he brags about and exaggerates that response, as when he claims that “everything is under control,” and that we have more and better tests than all other countries combined.

    The president is also a bully. He belittles other elected officials, gives insulting names to critics and berates reporters who refuse to accept his lies and exaggerations at face value.

    And there is always someone else to blame for his own shortcomings: the World Health Organization, the Obama administration, the Democrats or China.

    We must remember these performances by the president when it comes to Election Day. We deserve a leader who is truthful, who takes responsibility and acts with integrity.

    Never will it be more important to register and vote.

    Dorothy Kelly