Friends of the Library President Marty Tappan honored at ceremony

WEST MILFORD. Tappan was presented with a plaque in her name for her community work.

| 17 Aug 2022 | 02:08

The West Milford Library Board of Trustees recently honored outgoing Friends of the Library President Marty Tappan with a special presentation ceremony. The Library Board honored Tappan by presenting her with a special plaque in her name, along with lilac bushes that were planted earlier this year.

Before the plaque was revealed, Dr. Joan Oberer, president of the Library Board of Trustees, gave a heartfelt speech about the Library Board’s appreciation of Tappan’s tireless work in supporting the library and her dedicated service over many years.

Library Board Vice President James Rogers revealed the plaque, which states, “Marty Tappan - in appreciation of 22 years of volunteer service as President of the Friends of the Library 2000-2022.”

Many other Library Board of Trustee members were present, including Sandy Nebel, Library Board secretary and former member of the Friends of the Library. Nebel also currently serves as a liaison between the two organizations. Others trustees present included Geoffrey Syme, Jodie Comune, and Linda Connolly. Rogers’s wife, Bonnie, also attended.

Tappan and her husband, Gene, were present, as well as other Friends of the Library Board members, including the new president, Carol Heinz and Vice-President Pat Daly. Other Friends who attended were Carolyn Ott and William Madden.

Library staff members were also present, including Children’s Services head and former interim director, Theresa McArthur, and the library’s new director, Karyn Gost.

Following the presentation, the group moved into the air-conditioned library, to share in refreshments as part of the celebration.

Friends Book Sale
The Friends of the West Milford Township Library will be accepting donations for the next three weekends beginning Thursday, August 18th! Donations can be brought to the West Milford Presbyterian Church Garage located on 1452 Union Valley Road. Only books in new and slightly used condition will be accepted.
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