Honor your personal hero

West Milford. The West Milford Rotary Club is sponsoring the Flag For Heroes program, from . Nov. 6-27. The club will fly American flags at Bubbling Springs Park near the Rotary gazebo.

| 21 Oct 2021 | 11:09

Anyone can be a hero – whether they are first responders, veterans or simply a friend or grandparent.

The Flags for Heroes program, sponsored by the West Milford Rotary Club, is for everyone. There are many different reasons one might choose a certain person as their personal hero. This program sees reasons for the choice along with each person as being valid and special.

This year’s event will take place from Nov. 6 to Nov. 27. For the third year, the club will fly American flags at Bubbling Springs Park near the Rotary gazebo. The flags will carry the name of someone’s hero from near or far away. The entries can be from individuals or businesses.

Donation to fly a 10 foot tall, 5 feet wide flag with a medallion presented to honor the hero is $50. The funds received assist the Rotary Club in their activities to help local people in need.

The medallion includes the name and accomplishments of the honored person as well as the name of the donor. Flags can be purchased any time during the display. After the display period they are taken down and used again the following year. More flags are added as needed.

The medallions are given to the donors as a sign of club appreciation. Kenneth Quazza can be contacted at 973-962-2227 for information about the project. Drop off places are Tom Zigenbalg, State Farms Insurance 1489 Union Valley Road West Milford NJ 07480 and Kenneth Quazza 55 Skyline Drive Ringwood NJ 07456 – attention Edward Jones.