Kenney family picks hearing aid winner

West Milford. Mary Rebisz won the 11th annual hearing aid giveaway by the Kenney Family. She was one of 75 applicants

| 27 Dec 2021 | 02:33

Mary Rebisz was the winner of top-of-the line hearing aids from the Kenney Family, after being picked randomly on Facebook live.

An announcement in the Sept. 17 issue of the West Milford messenger announcing the 11th annual giveway attracted 75 applicants.

Rebisz’s daughter, Kathy, entered her mother’s name in the contest. Both the mother and daughter are grateful for Mary’s good luck and ecstatic and happy that the senior citizen can hear again. Mary had been struggling with her older set of hearing aids that were not working properly. Communication became a daily struggle. After being fitted with her new set of Beltone Imagine hearing aids, she was amazed at how sounds that she had no longer been hearing were now clear to her.

For 50 years, Judy Kenney and her two sons Sean and Ryan have helped thousands of people achieve a better quality of life through hearing assistance. Jack Kenney, Judy’s husband, had carried on the business started by his father. In November of 2006, Jack was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He fought fiercely to get well but eventually lost his life. Jack Kenney was known as a very caring, compassionate man who always put others first. He made an impact on many lives by always opening his heart and his home with open arms when a friend needed a hand.

His sons, Sean and Ryan, have devoted their careers much the way their father did. They, too, are known for their caring and kindness to others. Their offices are in West Milford and Pompton Lakes. They can be reached at 973-728-6360.