Ramp to be installed at municipal annex

West Milford. The West Milford Municipal Building Annex, the former West Milford Library, will receive an ADA-compliant ramp as some of the township offices are moved there.

| 04 May 2022 | 11:34

An Americans with Disabilities (ADA) accessible ramp will be installed at the old library building at 464 Ridge Road, which is being turned into an annex building for offices of some municipal departments.

The township recently was awarded a Community Development Block Grant for construction of a new masonry ADA accessible ramp at the building. Plans are to provide barrier free access at the rear entrance.

A proposal was requested and received from Brian Murphy, a local architect, to prepare contract documents and project administration. The township had awarded a professional services contract for the design of the renovations at the building previously.

The design of the new masonry ADA accessible ramp will be incorporated into the ongoing design of the renovations of the building but will be a separate, independent project. The total cost for this contract is not to exceed $6,500 without prior approval of the council.

The building was built through donations with an outstanding contributor being the late Claudine McDonald. It replaced the first library located in the Davenport building at the corner of Union Valley and Macopin Roads. The storefront building was destroyed by a fire that also destroyed other businesses located in the early shopping area.