Students honor military with wristbands

West Milford. Youthact Club members at Maple Road Elementary School recently made wristbands to support our military.

| 22 Oct 2019 | 12:48

With Veterans Day coming up in November, 6th grade students, who are part of the Maple Road Youthact Club, recently stayed after school to make paracord "survival" wristbands to honor the soldiers serving in our military.

The girls learned that the wristbands they made can be used to help build a makeshift shelter, secure camouflage nets to trees or as binding for a sling or splint.

The inside strands of the cord, can be used to sew gear together, become fishing line, or be used as emergency sutures to close a wound.

These wristbands will be donated to an organization called Operation Gratitude, who will distribute them to soldiers in the various branches of our military.