Traffic light work begins

Milford. West Milford Township has awarded a contract to Simoff Engineering Associates to begin initial steps before visible work can begin.

| 26 Apr 2022 | 05:35

The first step of putting in a long-awaited traffic light at the busy Union Valley, Lakeside/Stainsby Road corner is finally underway. The Township of West Milford Council has awarded a professional services contract to Simoff Engineering Associates, Inc. to begin initial required steps before visible work can be seen taking place.

The township requested proposals for engineering services to perform movement and traffic counts, conduct and prepare a traffic signal warrant analysis, provide and obtain a Passaic County letter of concurrence, survey, design, contract administration and construction inspection for a possible traffic signal at the intersection by March 15.

Total fee authorized by the contract is not to exceed $25,475 without prior written approval of the council. The firm is to design and administer a possible traffic light at the intersection.

Three proposals were received. The Township Engineering Division recommended that Simoff Engineering Associates, Inc. be retained to perform this work in accordance with their proposal. The chief financial officer certified the availability of funds for these services.

Simoff Engineering has been a family owned business for five decades. They provide specialized consulting services for a variety of developments throughout the New Jersey area. The firm provides specialized consulting services throughout New Jersey.