West Milford to establish ‘Division of Public Property’

West Milford. The West Milford Township Council was scheduled to introduce an ordinance to establish a “Division of Public Property’, which would determine h ow park and building maintenance needs are addressed in the township.

| 08 Jun 2021 | 11:56

The Township of West Milford Council is establishing a “Division of Public Property” to replace the present rules that determine how current park and building maintenance needs are addressed. An ordinance designating the changes was scheduled for introduction at a meeting earlier this week with a public hearing and vote for final adoption in July.

The council, after reviewing the current legislation, recommended changes to streamline the Township Code and to promote the efficient operation of parks and recreation building maintenance, the new ordinance states. In the interest of operational efficiency the earlier designation was removed.

The new “Division of Public Property” will be within the Department of Public Works and under direction and supervision of the Director of Public Works.

The Division of Public Property will operate, maintain and repair township-owned buildings and properties and provide custodial and janitorial services. It will control the care, use and disposition of motor vehicles and automotive equipment.

It will operate or supervise the operation of a garage or garages, road depots and other convenient places for storage, servicing, repair and maintenance of township owned motor vehicles and equipment. The division will supervise any work done for the storage, repair, servicing and maintenance of township-owned motor vehicles or equipment. It will control the maintenance of motor vehicles or equipment owned by the township by maintaining individual vehicle records of mileage, costs of operation and maintenance and replacement schedules. It will conduct park maintenance services and operate, maintain and repair all park facilities.