EVs are great for America

Sparta /
| 19 Sep 2022 | 01:30

    EVs are fun! The engine responds immediately to the accelerator. If you need to accelerate from a stop onto a highway, you will be able to do it in about half the time it takes for a gas-powered car. Just be careful!

    EVs equal comfort in the summer! You can turn your air conditioner on remotely in hot weather so it is nice and cool when get in. You can even leave the car running at QuickChek without polluting the air. It is still a bad idea to leave your babies in there even if they will be comfortable!

    Range is less of a problem than you might think. My brother in law traveled hundreds of miles in his Tesla, going from Ohio to Maryland and back. He simply pulls into a charge station and watches Netflix for 20 minutes while his battery charges and he is on his way. We do need more level 3 chargers in Sussex County, two is not enough!

    Maintenance is cheap. No oil to change, no engine to service! Obviously, it was a pleasure to zip past gas stations when the price of gasoline exceeded $5 per gallon. Stop crying, petrochemical industry fans!

    Gas-powered cars should be saved because they helped build America? Folks probably said the same about horses a century ago when gas-powered cars started to replace them. I have nothing against the old technology, I will probably go with one fully electric and one hybrid for now. Bottom line, electric is more fun and fun is great for America!!

    Dave Stimson