In rebuttal

| 19 Jan 2021 | 04:10

    I am writing this in rebuttal to a viewpoints column written for the Jan. 15-21 issue of the Messenger. It appears the writer (Tom) has certainly landed squarely on the side of the GOP and is firmly in the camp of President Trump.

    It also appears that deflection is the word of the year for the Republican Party nationwide.

    The writer singles out Rep. Josh Gottheimer for voting to impeach the President in 2020 based on a fake dossier.

    The truth is that no one knew anything about the dossier at the time and therefore the FBI had an obligation to investigate the allegations.

    To state that nothing was found is not true. The Mueller report found plenty. Collusion was ruled out but let’s not forget that their were 37 indictments, seven guilty pleas or convictions as well as multiple findings that the President obstructed justice.

    Trump associates repeatedly lied to investigators about Russian contacts and Trump himself refused to answer questions.

    I suppose we just overlook Trump’s call for Russia to “Please find Clinton’s emails.”

    The writer also singles out Democrats for violent rhetoric of various types yet forgets that Mr. Trump has been engaged in repeated instances of violent rhetoric at every rally he has ever held.

    There are endless clips of Trump calling for people to beat someone up and name-calling and disdain for anyone who disagrees with him. His biggest act of rhetoric and lies of a fixed election has brought this nation to the brink of civil war.

    The writer singles out Gottheimer for not condemning Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

    How misleading.

    I’m sure if Gottheimer was asked he would certainly condemn any act of violence. It is not his obligation or responsibility to make a public pronouncement unless prompted.

    The person who should be trying to cool down the masses is the President of the United States. It is in fact his responsibility to unite the people of the nation.

    How about we stop putting our knees on the throats of citizens? How about we stop shooting people whenever we feel like it?

    On another note, let’s keep something in mind. We would not be where we are if the President would stop lying to America about the election. He has had his chance to prove that he was cheated. Every court in the land right up to the Supreme Court has clearly ruled against him based on lack of evidence.

    Many in his own party have recognized the loss.

    It’s clearly time for Donald Trump to ride off into the sunset. He has single-handedly damaged our Democracy in his quest to become a dictator.

    Charlie Rudy

    West Milford