In search of truthfulness and objectivity

| 02 Dec 2020 | 09:22

    It is comical how Trump supporters in their viewpoint letters offer the same old tired nonsense that Trump has brainwashed them with over the last four years.

    The lack of truthfulness and objectivity is startling in the pronouncements set forth.

    All liberals support socialism and are responsible for all the discord and violence in our communities is stated without any basis.

    We are called un-American for voting for a good and decent man in Joseph Biden instead of the lying, self-serving authoritarian wannabe in the White House.

    If you believe that America has been great under Donald Trump, it is important to have knowledge of facts and truth before making such assertions.

    In reviewing the state of America, let’s look at the facts of the crisis that Donald Trump has caused by his policies and behavior.

    The Trump administration has separated immigrant children from their parents and placed them in cages. The government has not been able to reunite over 600 children with their families. These children are composed of many infants and toddlers.

    This is a humanitarian crisis made by Trump policies that go against the moral fiber of our great country.

    We have a health crisis which as of now has caused over 260,000 deaths in America. This is related to Trump and his anti-science approach which encouraged people to doubt the virus, not to wear masks and gather in large crowds to stroke his ego. All he worries about now is whether the vaccines will be attributed to him. What a non-caring, self-centered person he is.

    He deserves ridicule rather than applause.

    Now he is trying to overturn the will of the American people with an assault on the basis of our democracy claiming the election was stolen from him. More than 80 million Americans have finally said enough to this clown who masquerades as a President.

    He is stoking the divide between our people and, by making unfounded assertions that his supporters believe, encouraging his supporters to revolt against the new administrations.

    He has been well-educated in the tactics of Third World strongmen and dictators and, unfortunately, his supporters seem complacent in his attempt to subvert democracy. Patriots, his supporters are not by buying into this tripe.

    I, along with 80 million others, look forward to the return of a competent administration that cares about all Americans.

    This administration will embrace our allies and return us to being a leader not a laughingstock in the world.

    This administration will address threats to our nation posed by climate change, systemic racism and economic disparities.

    It will attack the pandemic based on science, not opinions of a man who encouraged people to drink disinfectant and using non-effective drugs while ignoring the pain this pandemic has caused so many.

    On January 20th America will once more begin to live up to its ideals not the worst instincts of people.

    The only fraud that exists is the man presently inhabiting the White House for the next two months.

    John Miller

    Wet Milford