Not so fast

| 11 Nov 2021 | 10:55

    I take issue with the letter printed in the November 7 edition of The Record, entitled “Republicans relying less on Trump.”

    The letter writer maintains that Republican Gubernatorial Candidates Glenn Youngkin in Virginia, who won his governor’s race on November 2 in Virginia, and Jack Ciattarelli, who lost a very close race for governor in New Jersey on November 2 ran their impressive campaigns despite showing “no fealty to Donald Trump.”

    However, in New Jersey, Ciattarelli did attend a November 2020 “Stop the Steal” rally at Trump Nationsal Golf Club in Bedminster.

    Ciattarelli’s campaign also refused to comment if Ciatarelli believed that President Joe Biden had won the election when by that time it was clear that he had.

    In Virginia, Republican Youngkin did not ask Trump to actively campaign with him, but did accept Trumps’ endorsement.

    Youngkin also followed the Trumpian race baiting strategy by making an issue of CRT being taught in Virginia’s K-12 public schools, despite CRT not being taught in any K-12 grade public school in Virginia - the National School Boards Association has said that CRT is not taught in grades K-12 in public schools in the state.

    Robert J. Bailey