‘Our country once again has a chance to become a leader of democracy in the world’

| 18 Jan 2021 | 11:06

    Soon our federal government will be run by competent, caring professionals who will replace the fawning sycophants of the petulant man-child Donald Trump. As can be seen from the qualifications of the men and women who Joe Biden has nominated, our country once again has a chance to become a leader of democracy in the world.

    Most importantly Donald Trump will no longer be able to direct policies of division and grievance from the White House. I am hoping that our society may begin the healing necessary from four years of chaos. However, after reading some of the letters from Trump supporters I am not sure. Many Trump supporters still live in the land of the lie.

    The majority of Trump supporters still believe the election was a fraud, notwithstanding 60 or more failed lawsuits, numerous recounts and certifications from the states many of which are run by Republicans.

    I have seen letters asserting that Joe Biden is responsible for the events that happened on January 6th, that the progressives were the ones who instituted the assault on our democracy and that Trump did not influence the crowd of insurrectionists who attempted to assault the foundations of our country.

    This living in the alternate reality of lies and misinformation makes it almost impossible to have an intelligent conversation with these people.

    One writer stated that Joe Biden supported the looting and violence that happened during the demonstrations over police violence by BLM and other individuals protesting for equal justice.

    Mr. Biden strongly condemned the violence; however, he did understand the basis of the protests which was to achieve equal justice for all.

    Trump directly encouraged his supporters to storm the Capitol. Listen to the words of those arrested who state they believe they were acting under orders of Trump. Trump stated that he loved the people who viciously broke into the emblem of our democracy.

    It appears that until Trump supporters return to the realm of truth and reality our country may have to remain divided until people of good conscience toss his supporters like Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz out of the senate and representatives like Louie Gohmert and Marjorie Taylor-Green are returned to the dustbin of history. I think this will happen as most Americans support truth and justice as evidenced by the recent elections.

    I believe that Trumpism has been a stain upon the history of our great country and he will be known as the worst President to ever hold office. White supremacy and white grievance needs to be erased from our nation.

    Our nation needs to be based on truth and fairness for all. President Biden will begin the healing. I just hope that the Trump supporters can finally discard their orange tinted glasses and see the truth and help the country heal.

    John R. Miller

    West Milford