The media ‘should not be giving us their opinion’

| 12 Oct 2020 | 12:10

    In response to “the choice is yours:”

    I took your suggestion and watched the show on the Frontline, I was struck by how bias it was. They portrayed Donald Trump in the worst possible light, one of the experts speaking on behalf of the president is his niece who is suing him and who has a book out saying that he is a bad person, and maybe a psychopath (I’m sure she’s not using this exposure to sell more books).

    But Frontline eats it up.

    Then they portrayed Joe Biden in the most favorable light. Come on now, have some objectivity.

    But more than anything I am disappointed in our media. They are supposed to give us the facts and then we can make up our own mind.

    They should not be giving us their opinion.

    Rich DePrima

    West Milford