Trumpism Christianity

Sparta /
| 20 Jun 2022 | 01:14

    A Trump Christian is an oxymoron at best,

    So let’s put faith and compassion to the test.

    Scripture, Tradition and Reason true protocols,

    For the devout believer and the mystic’s call.

    Trumpism concubines believe him divine,

    But false idols and violence Christians decline.

    Jesus would not pack a pistol and AR-15,

    “To love thy neighbor” His second Amendment serene.

    Is our nation a Christian or Trump worshiper base?

    Can’t be duplicitous so must just one embrace.

    Ethical and moral behaviour our free will,

    But spiritual integrity our codicil.

    To live in Peace and Harmony all humans need,

    What say thee YOUR choice of religious creed?

    George Kibildis