Vote for Democracy

| 08 Oct 2020 | 10:14

    I’m writing with a shared hope for a better future through voting.

    Our democracy works best when we all vote so we elect people who represent most Americans.

    Donald Trump mishandled the pandemic and lied about it – more than 7 million people are sick and 210,000 people died.

    He’s a crooked businessman who has shortchanged developers, contractors and laborers and swindled millions of dollars from people who attended Trump University.

    He went bankrupt five times and has bankrupted our country, morally and economically.

    He lied about mail-in ballots, undermining our democracy.

    Trump rolled back more than 100 environmental regulations, making our air, ground, water snf food more toxic.

    I’m voting for Joe Biden who will fight for access to health care, a clean, safe environment, an economy that works for everyone, civil rights and voting rights.

    He’s a man of integrity, honest and caring and will serve and protect the American people.

    Laura Slott