‘Yes, rules do matter ... for both sides. And so does the truth’

Monroe /
| 20 Jul 2021 | 06:42

    I do agree with a recent letter to the editor. Republicans must accept the results of this past Presidential election and I believe the vast majority do. Rules do matter.

    But what I find alarming is that so many Democrats continue to forget the constant lies they spread for four years while Trump was President. Constantly reminding us the Presidential election was won by Donald Trump because he was working with the Russians or Donald Trump did not win the popular vote so he is not “my President.”

    Crying, complaining and even asking Democratic supporters to publicly confront and harass members of the Trump administration. The media and Democrats did whatever they could to make him look bad (for every day of his four years as president) even when his policies benefited Americans.

    Constantly putting their hurt feelings ahead of what was good for the country and its citizenry.

    Yes, rules do matter ... for both sides.

    And so does the truth.


    Peter Campofiori