West Milford expected to vote on bond ordinance

West Milford. The West Milford Township Council was expected to vote on a bond ordinance that will appropriate about $4,857,000 worth of bonds and notes for various improvements throughout the town.

| 04 May 2022 | 11:12

The Township of West Milford Council was expected at the May 4 meeting to approve a bond ordinance appropriating $5,432,000 and issuing $4,857 bonds or notes of the township for various improvements of purposes authorized to be undertaken by the township.

There is $500,000 being appropriated for improvement of Germantown Road. Costs for installation of a traffic signal at the intersection of Greenwood Lake Turnpike and Lakeside Road, together with all studies, surveys, planning and designs, engineering work and materials necessary, all as shown in accord with plans and specifications on file in the township clerk’s office are included in the amount of $454,000.

Also covered in the bond ordinance is $1,812,000 for improvement of various roads in the township including Van Orden Road, Lake Shore Drive (North) and Gould Road. There is also $131,000 for the purchase of new and additional equipment including breathing apparatus for use by township fire companies with all appurtenances, attachments and accessories necessary.

There is $2,535,000 for the first responder communication system by acquisition and installation of a new radio system for use by the Office of Emergency Management, to include purchase of antennas, cabinets, a dispatch console system and mobile radios, together with all studies and designs.

The period for the bond ordinance is 10.57 years.

In other action, the township council was also expected to pass another bond ordinance for the improvement of various roads in and by the township, with a special assessment part of the cost for property owners on these roads. For this, $1,428,000 bonds of the township are being financed. There will be reconstruction and resurfacing of various roads including Hanover Road for its entire length, Alpine Court for its entire length, Beverly Court for its entire length, portions of Princeton Road and Lyons Roads. The remainder of the costs will be paid by property owners on those streets and roads through an assessment process over a period of years. Owners of land where assessments are being made may pay their assessment in the number of equal installments determined.